Carprof Service price list

CarProf auto service for car enthusiasts and professionals

  • Comprehensive pre-sale diagnostics and service – we will fix the problems and restore the body and interior to factory condition in record time.
  • Maintenance and repair of cars at the European level at favorable prices. All types of work — we cooperate with individuals, corporate clients, and car dealership.
Service Price (Price includes VAT 20%)
Maintenance and repair work 45€/h; Bus +5€, SUV +3€
Electrical work 50€/h; Bus +5€, SUV +3€
Full car diagnostics (60 check points) From 60€; Bus +5€, SUV +3€
Climate control system filling R134 6€/100g – R1234yf 25€/100g

Tyre replacement price list

Service 15″ 16″ 17″ 18″ 19″ 20″ 21″
Tyre replacement (4 tyres) 50€ 55€ 60€ 65€ 75€ 85€ 99€
RunFlat extra charge 5€ / tyre

Additional services

Service Price
Recycling of rubber 5€
Rubber repair From 10€

Prices include VAT (20%)


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